Dear Friends of Music!

2020 is a special year: First – after 11 Festivals – I wanted to take a sabbatical year from the Music Summer – in order to
get new inspirations – and then we all got world-wide a half “Sabbatical year!

The only thing I can supply you here is to give you a feeling for the last years, with these original passages from our
festival-flyers, the year’s motto & the photos

The result touched me deeply: 11 years of music, love and celebration in so many different ways of collaboration
with so many different energies, people, music styles.

Actually honestly I had lost it a bit…

To see these texts and photos made feel a deep re connection with the idea of these Music Summers:
It is wonderful and healing for everybody involved to experience music .

I thank everybody involved, curious how to continue this project.
See you again in 2021!

with love and inspiration