Dear music friends!

Yes, on Friday we will put the beautiful piano in the theatre and on Tuesday we will have our first outdoor concert this year!
And the last one until 26.7.
Because then I’m going to Austria to accompany my 4th grandchild and its family at the start into its life.
After that, in August, there will be a few more concerts, and then we’ll fill up again on the music culture in the Mani.

So please come with many friends and spread the word!
We will be selling drinks and serving small bites. (Like in the old days with the Ouzo and the Meze;-))

It will be warm in the beginning and quite chilly after sunset, so organize yourself accordingly.

AND: There will be a great full moon, provided the sky is clear. You may have seen that the moon is rising very early these days, which means for us that the full moon will be above the concert.

Looking forward to seeing you soon
Yours, Burgi