Adresse: Burgi Bläuel, Pyrgos-West Mani, 24024 Griechenland
Tel. +30-27210-78077, e-mail:

I could list many many more, but this would got too far: our world is expanding

so quickly - not everything can be expressed in one link page :-)

Bläuel Greek Organic Products: 
our olive oil company

Shambhala Training: 
our spiritual roots

Dr. Greta Adolf Wiesner: 
everyday inspiration

Dr Christina Kessler: 
integrative spiritual development

Hans Peter Zimmermann:
intelligent and modern business training/hypnotherapy

Siegfried Essen:
family constellation

Manou Müller:
feng shui & more

all our matresses are coco-mat

Stephan Kaske:
mani - constructions

Tierschutzverein Kalamata - Animal Welfare Society :



Venue for Revival,
Culture & Personal Development