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Easter in Mani-Sonnenlink!

Dear friends of Mani Sonnenlink!

Today we want to inform you about our little Bio Hotel and the special time of Greek Easter.

Spring has reached us in his full glory - the most beautiful season of the year. Not only the olive groves and fields are green, not only the air is warm but also carpets of flower have spread everywhere. This period lasts till the beginning of May.

We are writing to you to inspire you to visit Greece in this lovely time of the year.

This year Easter is quite early, the catholic one on 5th April and the Greek orthodox Easter is on 12th April.

On 5th April 2015 we will host a beautiful Easter Matinee with the famous pianist and recently Mani resident, Nijole Abaryté.

Music at its best! We are really looking forward for this event.

Nijole Abaryté (Her website is not complete yet.) 

Easter Matineee and Easter walk 2 years ago:

Burgi Bläuel will be very pleased to welcome you at Sonnenlink, as an individual or with your friends. 

Have a great look at this little Mani-video:

A few rooms are still available :-)

Lots of love & warm greetings from the Mani,

the Bläuel family & team

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 Tashi delek from Shree Mangal Dvip School



The children are gearing up for 2nd term exams which will be followed by a month of holiday - January is too cold to hold classes in unheated concrete buildings. Through the hols, we expect to have at least 100 children with us so there will be many activities on offer.

To date, 42 SMDers have won scholarships overseas. Among the independent schools hosting SMDers this year are: Appleby College in Ontario, (our 4th) Phillips Exeter Academy in NH, the Inter Community School Zurich (12th), Red Cross Nordic United World College in Norway (9th), Ivanhoe Grammar School  in Melbourne (2) and the Hotchkiss School in CT. Twenty-four are working on (or are finished) undergraduate degrees in Canada and the US.

Several scholarship winners have returned to give service. Sonam Dolma Sherpa B165 finished a BSc and has returned to teach, alongside others who finished Grade 12 - Lhakpa Sonam Sherpa B348a, Sangmo Sherpa B343, Lhakchoe Dolma B319b, Lhakpa Dolma B334a and Tsering Thinley B292. All these SMDers have brought back best teaching practices - everyone is benefitting. 

Class 10 graduates are also giving service; 4 are teaching in their mountain villages, 4 are teaching young monks at Namo Buddha monastery, 2 are teaching young nuns at Thrangu Tara Abbey and 3 were selected to stay to help at SMD. You can see stories and photos on our Facebook page.

Our founder, Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche turned 80 this year. In founding SMD, his aim was to help Himalayan people preserve their unique language, culture and they Buddhist way of life and to give people the tools to help themselves. We are beginning to see Rinpoche’s aims come into fruition  thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and schools overseas who gave SMDers a chance - and especially to all the host families who took it upon themselves to open their homes to Himalayan students. 

Still, the need is great. We admitted 87 new children at the start of the year. Most are still unsponsored. If any of your family, friends or colleagues would like to help, please put them in contact with me. And if you are a sponsor and have already sent funds for this school year thank-you for giving the gift of education.

With very best wishes from all of us in Kathmandu,


Ms. Shirley Blair, Director

Education for Himalayan Children

SMD Boarding School

PO Box 1287 Kathmandu Nepal

Tel: (977-1) 491-5407

Slide show:

Building a new school:


Greek spring

In former times, at the sound of the word ‘Greece’, what came to mind was crystal-clear coves, deep blue sky, star-studded nights, beautiful sandy beaches, quaint villages, legendary hospitality, little donkeys, meadows teeming with flowers, and dancing in a circle to meaningful, exciting, unifying music, which would lead on to retsina, meze and tomatoes. And olives. The heart would wander, and the dream of a dream holiday would come true. We would read of Greek legends in childhood, and on the way to find our dream beaches and to sample the friendly hospitality, we would visit the most famous ancient sites of European cultural history.

Over the last years, a different tendency had become apparent – Greece? Striking, delays, fear of animosity, and above all, in view of a declining economy – war-like conditions projected by the media and lack of understanding in relation to the Greek mentality – a mentality which, to Europeans’ heart, used to be inextricably associated with syrtaki, wine and blue.

Today it is, once again, different: whoever thinks of Greece today rejoices not only in the fact that it is on the rise – it is a peaceful revolution, a war with no war, a passage through all stages of the creation of a new culture. A new, fresh and lively, viable culture of a society which has offered much and then acquired much. Or is in the process of doing so.

And as guests of this so hospitable country, we assist in promoting the new one, we invest our hard-earned holiday savings in a meaningful interaction. In the rejuvenated process of a mighty history which is to be rewritten.

Back to home-grown potatoes and organic tomatoes; volunteer fire-fighters instruct in biodynamic cultivation; the beaches come back to life with tourists who no longer arrive through discount package holidays, but through the personal communication between the locals and the travellers. Each guest becomes special again, just the way it was at the time of Alexis Zorbas. And together they will see that the beaches are revived, each taking responsibility for the part they are to have.

Olive oil bottling and export plants – among the few thriving enterprises today – create a cultural background, and one can find home-grown potatoes again, at certified bio-hotels.

Greek spring has already settled in; travellers have also realised it: they are once again keen to travel – furthermore, travel connections are very convenient:

Kalamata, the town in which Alexis Zorbas once purchased his tools and implements to mine coal in Stoupa, is easily accessible, as it is linked to several European cities.

Moreover, the capital city of Athens – with its fully-operational, well-organised airport – is now linked to Kalamata through a well-signposted motorway of free-flowing traffic, making it quick and easy to reach even the most remote regions.

Mani – this brilliant coastal strip south of Kalamata, the region where the best olive oil in Greece is produced, is not only an area of the most unique beaches, mountain vistas, fishing villages and mountain chapels, but also the place where you will find the first certified bio-hotel in Greece, a small cultural hotel reviving and offering those newly re-established values of the well-grounded quality of Greece. With the most diverse events, broadening the spirit and the senses to music. Along with personality development, Mediterranean cuisine and many other options. Vegetarian, wholesome, Austrian-Greek olive-oil-based cuisine through refreshing hospitality, celebrations, but also opportunities for retreat; this is what the new Greece is about – a country re-established, rejoicing its rebirth based on ancient values through the process of self-discovery. And this is what Greece experiences at present …

Greece, what is it about:

Crystal-clear coves, deep blue sky, star-studded nights, beautiful sandy beaches, quaint villages, legendary hospitality, little donkeys, meadows teeming with flowers, and dancing in a circle to meaningful, exciting, unifying music, which would lead on to retsina, meze and tomatoes. And olives.

A peaceful revolution at the hotel


Anyone wishing to please all one’s senses consciously and meaningfully at the same time, can now easily do so at the highest level, simply by booking a holiday.

28000 people have read this brief text today – as a foreword to the bio-hotel newsletter – just a call away from making the most of everything, getting the best meals that can be offered. We have approximately 80 bio-hotels today, at which every single detail is catered for better than at any other hotel – thereby promoting a new, holistic economic structure, based on the unification, healing and consolidation of nature and thus of our planet.

When you book your holiday at your bio-hotel today, a whole lot of things get into swing: local, organic, holistic, healthy economy, body, soul, spirit – not only your own – but also of all those who constitute a part of the hotel infrastructure: farmers, colleagues, bio-producers, piglets, chickens …


This co-operation of hotels only includes residences which have undertaken the obligation to

process neither meat nor fish in their kitchens. To this day approximately 350 have been

established worldwide! To me this goes without saying, as my cooking is meat-free in any case. To me a vegetarian diet is particularly important, above all regarding the biological equilibrium of the Earth, the threat of famine, and the dubious, often criminal procedures involved in animal breeding. Opting for vegetarianism sustains climatic, environmental and animal conservation, hence the new membership of the veggie-hotels.

Alongside the vegetarian cuisine offered at Mani-Sonnenlink, we also prepare vegan meals and raw food on request. When I book a holiday today, I finally know how, where and why.

I simply go to a bio-hotel, or to a veggie-hotel. The landscape takes care of the rest.

The higher the quality, the better. The greater the awareness and the possibilities of promoting awareness, the stronger our approach to the ‘polar line’ of compassion.

It is in this spirit that I would now like to introduce you to my new website – new, so that what we have to offer is more easily accessible and more user-friendly.

Please look at what is on offer at the bio-hotel, the seminar options and the music events.

I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Heartfelt greetings from the sunny Mani,


Dear Friends of Mani and the Mani-Sonnenlink,

It seems that the Winter is over here in our beautiful area and even though we had only about 10 days of “real” Greek Winter we embrace the Spring feeling. The olive groves are alight with many colorful Spring flowers and there is much vital energy outside. 

I haven’t written to you for a long time, because, firstly I don’t want to overload you all with newsletters and secondly after the Summer Seminars and Festivals we all needed some rest and inspiration.

We have several guests who are "hibernating" with us during the Winter months. Some of them staying weeks, others months soaking up the re-vitalizing atmosphere of our beloved Mani with its winter-romantic and heavenly sunshine as well as of the Sonnenlink, gaining inspiration with their studies, writing and meditation. And of course experiencing some very authentic and special Greek evenings..........

Besides indulging in these beautiful activities myself, I am working and making plans for the coming season. It is a very exciting time, always expanding on ideas to make a wonderful experience for you all.

We have created more space, both for sleeping and activities. There will be 10 new beds in 5 House-Tents with balcony or terrace towards fabulous sea-view in the oak grove. Fully furnished, electricity, 16m2 large. (To use an extra bath house ). So there will also be an opportunity to enjoy a stay under shady double layered canvas in the olive and oak grove. A magical experience! And we created a very beautiful wooden Music Pavillon. 

We are becoming booked for the coming season. So, please, take advantage of the new accommodation and reserve your places. We have also now exceptionally well organized shade above the amphitheater for practice sessions during the day outside in the summer months.

The 2011 Music Festival will run for 12 consecutive Saturdays commencing June 25th to September 10th and has developed wonderfully well. The new aspects of music included last year were very successful for both our musicians and guests. This year will be another colorful program and as well as our inspired classical musicians, we will include Jazz and Greek popular music. The program has now been released, so, please, spend some time perusing the timetable.

Cultural Summer/Music Festival

The Festival and Seminars have naturally developed into the “The Garden of Eden” Integral Summer Music Academy and will involve participation by our musicians, festival guests and "holiday-tourists". This is an exciting concept for us. 

It is such a wonderful response that I receive from you all and it inspires me to better and greater goals. We have many, many guests that return, time and time again and so many times I hear “Sonnenlink has such a unique and wonderful atmosphere. We love it!”

I am so anticipating the coming year and I hope that we will see each other soon!

best regards from Burgi Bläuel


Address: Burgi Bläuel, Pyrgos-West Mani, 24024 Greece
Tel. +30-27210-78077, e-mail:

Venue for Revival,
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