Burgi Bläuel:

Love, Art and a condensed Field of Work

as an Expression of our Being

"My concern is to link which brings sunshine into the heart."

This was the basic idea for the development of

"Mani-Sonnenlink". Today this crossing point of energies has attracted many aspects of human expression of love:  Art academies, coaching, therapy, meditation, yoga classes, dance, retreats, literature, etc. 

The celebrative highlight each summer is the International Music Festival, with its legendary sunset concerts.

Culinary accompanied by a buffet with organic delicacies. 

The quality and beauty is confirmed by a venue whose attributes are Organic, Feng Shui, Cocomat Beds, Grander Water, fantastic acoustics in the theater and a splendid sea view.

Thus, a place of supreme inspiration, relaxation and regeneration has been created.

"Art is expression of the free flow of love. To let love flow freely and without neurotic bondage, it needs transformational work. In order to let art evolve, it needs a venue. 

Mani-Sonnenlink is devoted to both aspects. In a free and flexible manner at one of the most beautiful places in Greece, with panoramic sea-view and love.

Each customer or contributor is my teacher in this wholesome, creative and transformative process.

Every moment is NEW. "

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Burgi Bläuel



Address: Burgi Bläuel, Pyrgos-West Mani, 24024 Greece
Tel. +30-27210-78077, e-mail: burgi@mani-sonnenlink.com

Venue for Revival,
Culture & Personal Development